Hello! I'm a software engineer at LatchBio (opens in a new tab). I graduated from Electrical Engineering and Computer Science(EECS) at UC Berkeley in 2023.


My main activities at UC Berkeley included doing research at Berkeley Netsys Lab (opens in a new tab) with Silvery Fung and Sylvia Ratnasamy(see publication (opens in a new tab)), doing research at RISE Lab with John Kubiatowicz, founding and running Borsch Club (opens in a new tab), and helping start a Berkeley-based humanitarian group Support Ukraine with Us (opens in a new tab).

I started developing software out of high school. I worked at Peritus AI (opens in a new tab) writing full-stack applications and an AI summarization tool while being a full-time student at De Anza College (opens in a new tab). I transferred to UC Berkeley with a 4.0 GPA, 28 courses completed, and two years of professional experience.

In the past, I've worked at Peritus AI (opens in a new tab), New Relic (opens in a new tab) and Branch IO (opens in a new tab).

As for hobbies, I play guitar for 7+ years, climb, and recently picked up pickleball after being in San Francisco for exactly two months.

Feel free to check out my blogs and projects where I try to go in-depth about my previous projects and experiences.


Rendering Engine (opens in a new tab) is a C-based ray-tracing render engine I built with my friend for fun using a minimal number of libraries that takes in .obj files and generates a 3D scene. It was able to generate high-definition 3D scenes with 10+ millions of vertices.

Iguana Mark (opens in a new tab) was my shot at making a smart reading list which stores the pages people visited while performing simple NLP to organize them with tags. Theoretically, the extension was useful to learn how to build extensions and use NLP, but it was not very practical in the end.

RMP Scraper (opens in a new tab) is a possibly, slightly illegal Python scraping tool for Rate My Professors (opens in a new tab), a website for rating college professors. It generated a SQLite database with professor information, and I was going to use it to build an extension for De Anza which would show professor ratings in the schedule builder. Unfortunately, I lacked courage, and the TOS (opens in a new tab) and multiple scared students on Reddit swayed me away from building a full extension I had in mind.

Grafana Plugin for Pixie IO (opens in a new tab) integrated Pixie IO (opens in a new tab) with Grafana. I built it from scratch and now it has thousands of users through the Grafana marketplace.

Github Exporter (opens in a new tab) integrated Github and New Relic platform by pulling data such as stars, PRs, issues, etc. and displaying them on the New Relic dashboard.

Programming Skills

Languages: Python, Typescript, Golang, Java, C++, C, Rust, Bash, RISC-V, SQL, etc.

Technologies: Kubernetes, Docker, React, AWS, GCP, PostgreSQL, Github, Linux, Packer, etc.

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